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Welcome Vietnamese TPG Students Intake 2023 to HKU Business School
September 27, 2023
This event was a warmly welcome to Vietnamese students who join Masters Programmes intake 2023 at HKU Business School.

On September 26, 2023, with the sponsorship of Sun Life Hong Kong, HKU Vietnam organized a special welcome event for new Vietnamese students joining the Class of 2023 Master's programs at HKU Business School. This event was a heartfelt welcome to students from Vietnam and an opportunity to connect with the university's leadership and Sun Life Hong Kong's executives to explore future employment prospects.

Mr. Tuan Quang PHAN, representing HKU Vietnam, had the honor of welcoming Mr. Pham Binh Dam - Consul General of Vietnam in Hong Kong - China; Mr. Clement Lam - CEO of Sun Life Hong Kong; and the Vietnamese students of the Class of 2023.


Mr. Binh Dam PHAM - The Consul General of Vietnam in Hong Kong

During the event, Mr. Tuan Quang PHAN expressed deep gratitude to the university's leadership and partners like Optimas Capital and Sun Life Hong Kong for creating opportunities for Vietnamese students to pursue top-notch Master's programs in Asia, to work in a professional environment and experience diverse cultures in Hong Kong. He highlighted that this endeavor is part of the goal to enhance friendly relations between Vietnam and Hong Kong in the fields of education and research, aiming to expand development into the Asian and global arenas.

Mr. Tuan Quang PHAN - Director of HKU’s Representative Office in Vietnam

Mr. Binh Dam PHAM also shared his views on the economic development similarities between Hong Kong and Vietnam, expressing the desire to implement various collaborative programs between educational institutions and businesses from both countries to develop high-quality human resources. He also expressed hope that in the future, more Vietnamese students would come to Hong Kong for study and research.

In his remarks, Mr. Hailiang CHEN, the Assistant Dean of HKU Business School, reaffirmed the school's commitment to comprehensive development for its students. He also highlighted the school's dedication to providing mentorship programs and extracurricular activities, including personal growth, professional development, networking, and skills training. With high expertise and dedication in teaching and research, the University is ready to support students on their personal career development journeys.

Mr. Hailiang CHEN - Assistant Dean of HKU Business School

On this occasion, Mr. Clement LAM also officially announced the launching of the Postgraduate Workplacement Support Program at Sun Life Hong Kong, for Vietnamese students in 2023. This program offers students the opportunity to intern and gain professional work experience at Sun Life, one of the leading global financial conglomerates.

Mr. Clement LAM - CEO of Sun Life Hong Kong

With enthusiastic support from the University and its partners, Phung Ngoc NGUYEN, representing Vietnamese students in the Class of 2023, who is currently pursuing a Master of Business Analytics program with a full scholarship from HKUBS-Optimas Capital, expressed profound gratitude for this educational opportunity. She emphasized that this opportunity not only opened the doors to advanced education in Hong Kong but also provided motivation for students to learn, develop, and make meaningful contributions to society. This chance also allowed students to explore Hong Kong, a city blending Eastern and Western influences, inspiring their development as global citizens.

Phung Ngoc NGUYEN - TPG student of Master of Business Analytics

Networking between Vietnamese students and Sun Life's professionals

The event welcoming new Vietnamese students concluded with an intimate gathering, where new students and guests had the opportunity to mingle and engage in further discussions about their potential and future projects.