HKU Business School encourages students to generate and implement ideas, not only within the campus but also in the broader context, as it is this real world interaction that makes us unique. Outside-of-classroom learning experiences that go beyond academic boundaries, enable students to understand the significance of social interaction, cultural diversity, and intellectual collaboration, which improves their personal, interpersonal, and social development as global citizens, lifelong learners, and future business leaders.

At HKU Business School, we offer invaluable resources for both personal and professional growth. Our dedicated teams, the Student Enrichment Team (SET) and the Career Development Team (CDT), host a range of programmes covering career advice, personal skills training, and networking opportunities with potential employers.

Enrichment Programme

Student Enrichment Team (SET)

Recognizing that a fulfilling university journey extends beyond academics, our Student Enrichment Team tries to provide opportunities for exploration and interaction. We are dedicated to enhancing the overall university experience for students and alumni through a diverse array of events and activities.

These activities are thoughtfully categorized into five key areas, including:

  • Personal Development and Wellness

  • Professional Trainings and Seminars

  • Networking and Team Building

  • Communication Skills

  • Hard Skills training

Our Personal Development and Wellness Programme offers psychological assessments, fostering personal growth and career exploration.

We have a monthly Student Experience Chit-chat – Open House at Cyberport and town center that allow students to chat with our managers to share their concerns about university life and daily life in Hong Kong.

The Upcoming Virtual House system will create a platform or community where master's students can engage with each other, organize extracurricular activities, outings, and events to promote social interaction and a sense of community among students.

Additionally, we proudly present three flagship programmes with a selective process:

  • Mentorship Programme: Real-world insights and connections with industry mentors.

  • Student Ambassadors: Engage in university promotion and marketing.

  • Student Clubs: Develop business case skills in key functional areas.

Career Development & Training (CDT)

The Career Development Team offers a wide range of career support and resources. The team is dedicated to cultivating meaningful partnerships with corporate partners, facilitating company information sessions, leadership talks and annual events including our annual Career Fair. These initiatives provide an ideal platform for potential employers to connect with our students and also to reinforce their presence on campus. 

Here are the main activities organized by CDT:

  • Workshops on career development and training cover a range of topics such as industry overview, strategic interviewing, resume writing, personal branding, case interview and assessment center preparation, networking skills, and storytelling skills, among others.

  • Personalized (one-on-one) career coaching sessions.

  • Sessions featuring alumni, professional organizations, and executive speakers.

  • Leadership Forum conducted by Senior Executives.

  • Events hosted by companies, recruitment talks, and organized company visits.

  • Career portal.

  • Participation in the HKU Business School Career Fair (held in mainland China and Hong Kong).

  • China Business Track.

  • Utilization of online tools and resources such as LinkedIn Premium and LinkedIn Learning, Workmaze, and Gallup.

  • Provision of professional portrait services.

Harnessing our extensive networks and resources, our objective is to deliver top-notch career services that:

  • Assist students in exploring and comprehending the industry sectors aligning with their interests and evaluating options based on their profiles and aspirations.

  • Support students in developing a pragmatic career plan by facilitating the planning and execution of their personal career exploration and strategies.

  • Empower students to refine their skills, competencies, and confidence essential in the business world.

  • Guide students in exploring their career direction by aiding them in unlocking their potentials and identifying their personal interests.

We highly value partnerships and make continuous efforts to connect with the community and corporate entities, both locally and in the broader region, for various forms of collaboration, with a particular emphasis on knowledge sharing and talent acquisition. Numerous events and job opportunities arising from these collaborations are specifically reserved for master's students at HKU Business School.