Sun Life Hong Kong and HKU Business School collaborated to launch a specialized Workplace Support Programme for Vietnamese students. This initiative demonstrates their commitment to expanding educational opportunities and nurturing the development of future leaders in Vietnam.

Workplace Support Programme

Hands-on experience and skill development for students

Sun Life Hong Kong envisions the Workplace Support Programme as a win-win situation for both students and the organization. The programme provides students with hands-on experience, the development of necessary skills, and a better understanding of the corporate environment. Mentorship and guidance from experienced professionals offer an opportunity for personal and professional development.

From Sun Life Hong Kong's perspective, the programme serves as a talent pipeline, identifying and nurturing promising individuals who may emerge as future leaders within the organization and the broader insurance industry.

Essential Qualities for Workplace Success 

Sun Life Hong Kong places a high value on cultivating a BOLDER mindset for professional development and success. The BOLDER mindset includes behaviors such as action bias, openness to listening and learning, outcome-driven behavior, empowerment, and resilience. Sun Life Hong Kong's Workplace Support Programme aims to develop these qualities in Vietnamese students.

Through meaningful projects and responsibilities, students are given the ability to make decisions, take ownership, and drive results. The hands-on experience provided by mentorship, coupled with a supportive environment, enables Vietnamese students to develop a sense of urgency and a willingness to take calculated risks, ultimately preparing them for success in the dynamic workplace.